"Production is not the use of tools but the logic of work"

Our smart production ensures that the products are manufactured with quality and on time.

Project management




CAD-CAM programming

Programming of CNC machines using the SolidCam tool

Optimal machining process

CNC processing

Milling and turning of pieces

KMETEX ProLine 4000 enables milling of formats up to 7300x3500x200mm

Sheet metal

Control of the entire process

Fast production of semi-finished products ensures better delivery times of finished products

Format: 1500×3000

Maximum sheet thickness:

  • Structural steel up to 25mm
  • Stainless steel up to 35mm
  • Aluminum up to 25mm
  • Copper up to 10mm
  • Brass up to 10mm

  • Machine emulation of edges & ridges
  • Manual grinding of products
  • Polishing on manual polishing and grinding machines
  • Format: 1250x3000x30
  • Workpieces: Aluminum, stainless steel, steel

Bending length/force: 3060mm/100t


  • Experienced and educated staff
  • The latest technologies
  • A wide selection of bending tools

Tube processing technology

Tube laser

Tube bending

Unlimited possibilities


Welding of simpler and more complex products

TIG, MIG/MAG, screw welding…

Certified welders

Robotic welding

Certificates: SIST EN ISO 3834-2, 3834-3, 1090-2


Educated and qualified personnel

Assembling a series of industrial components

Bonding and sealing

Assembly of more demanding components and products

Modern equipment connected to the quality control system

Surface treatment

Wet painting / powder painting / Hot galvanizing / Pickling / KTL (catophoresis)

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