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Kmetex is a family-owned company that, by investing in quality and technology, develops solutions for the future.

Our company deals with the development, production and sales of machines, industrial components and automated equipment of its own brand.

At the same time, we offer integrated production solutions for industry and mobility.

Part of our activities also extends to the field of the auto industry and solutions related to the industry.

Our goal is to develop products that guarantee safety and sustainability and at the same time follow the expectations of the client.

Our guideline is to monitor the project from “development to decommissioning”, which means finding solutions that follow sustainable development.


They represent more than just paper to us. With a controlled systematic approach, we ensure quality, safety and sustainability for future generations.

We successfully acquired the following

Our values


It means being loyal to the company, the customer and each other in good and bad times.


It means you can count on us to get the job done to the best of our ability.​


It means prioritizing creating the right balance of work, fun, career and self.


It means that we speak truthfully, sincerely and act fairly and justly.


It is easier to achieve results when you feel comfortable and pleasant in your surroundings. Our great pride is the landscape, which is simply wonderful. We invite you to visit our country with us.  https://www.slovenia.info/sl

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